Perth Birth & Motherhood Support

Are you looking to get the birth you really want (hint: that's not the one currently on offer). 

How does practical demonstrations and evidence-based childbirth education sound?

Time to get real!

I'm a Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula who has been there.

I'm here to support you in Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood in Perth, Western Australia.

Birth Support

Feeling both excited and terrified at the thought of giving birth?

Wondering how your partner will be at birth?

Want some positive support for your upcoming birth?

I'm an internationally certified and experienced birth/labour doula on a mission to provide you with the unbiased, non-judgmental emotional, physical and information support to make truly informed choices.

Motherhood Support

Don't know how you are gonna do it all after your baby arrives?

Want to create a safety net so you can enjoy the weeks and months after birth?

I'm a Certified Postpartum Doula (motherhood support) available for day shifts.

If you need a little help to be the best mother you can be I'm here. I can cook it, clean it or take care of it.



Placenta Encapsulation

I'm a placenta encapsulation specialist, professionally trained, triple certified in blood borne pathogens, food safety, and the placenta encapsulation process.

Providing a range of options from placenta encapsulation, to keepsakes and Mother's Broth.

An optional collection and delivery service is also available in the Perth metropolitan area.