Motherhood Support

(Postnatal Doula)

You have probably put a LOT of work into preparing for your birth. But take a minute to think about the time after birth. For many new parents it really is an afterthought. But it doesn't have to be. 

Freshly out of hospital you think to yourself - 'I don't know how to do this'. It's like they gave you the baby, and forgot to give you the rule book!

The baby is crying and you are not really sure if she's hungry or got wind. Is this really normal? All the time.

Your baby sleeps all day and keeps you awake all night which is stopping you from getting any sleep.

Your not sure if you need to bathe your baby already, and your panicking because you forgot.

You haven't had a shower all day and you just feel 'icky'


when someone else takes the baby

When someone else cuddles your baby for you. You are free to go and have a shower, relax and enjoy a cup of tea. This gives you a real break from 'the work of motherhood'.




When you are so very hungry, and your baby needs you, someone else making you comfort food takes you back to your childhood.

You feel loved, supported and well, not hungry!


When someone else sets the scene for relaxing

When you are a new Mum, you are so focused on all the essentials of baby feeding, sleeping and staying warm, you don't have the energy to enjoy relaxation. Why not let someone set you up to relax and enjoy this special time.


Instead imagine spending the days after birth, laying around with your new baby. Losing track of time as you stare endlessly at your baby sleeping. 

Confident in your mothering skills.

Relaxed in the knowledge that your favourite dinner is prepared and you can smell it cooking.

That is the difference that after birth support can make - contact me now to see how I can support you after your baby's birth.

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