Why I became a birthworker

I'm not sure even I knew exactly what I was doing when I decided to become a birthworker. I was listening to my intuition rather than my logical brain for sure.

My logical brain was probably saying what everyone asked me. How do you make money as a birthworker?

i longed to connect with Mums and support them in practical ways. I HAD NO IDEA I WOULD END UP MAKING PLACENTA PILLS!!

In fact if someone had said ten years ago that this is what I would be doing I would have laughed myself silly.

When I had my first child and the midwife asked Are you planning on keeping your placenta? my reply was

No thank you! Why would I want to do that... 

It wasn't until after that birth that I began to understand a few things really well. 

1  mums are sleep deprived and

2 mums can always use more energy  

and the feedback I get from Mums is that placenta pill DO make a huge difference!!

Then I spent a life changing day with a local Perth midwife who had been doing placenta encapsulation for years.

As we learnt about the placenta, encapsulation, cord keepsakes and making dream catchers I felt so at home. We shared stories of birth, life and death.

My first encapsulation I felt so proud. Knowing that my work was making a difference in the world, one Mum at a time. 

I have now done hundreds of placenta and every time is still special. I don't always get to meet the Mums at first but I do look forward to dropping the placenta pills back to the Mums when they are ready.

You can read the feedback from my beautiful clients here.