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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Many women have reported that Placenta consumption helped to replenish and stabilise the lost iron and hormones after birth, and reduce the risk of 'baby blues'. In addition, some women report an increased milk supply.

Placenta Encapsulation provides an easily digested way of consuming placenta. Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired encapsulation is the most common and involves steaming the placenta with fresh ginger. Once steamed it is sliced and dehydrated, before being ground and placed in capsules.

The Raw Method skips steaming and dehydrates the placenta, before being ground and placed in capsules.

How long has placenta encapsulation been around?

Although traditionally used in Chinese medicine, the earliest mention of placenta consumption is in a sixteenth-century Chinese medical text (The Compendium of Materia Medica). Moving to modern times and we can see research done from the 1970's onwards on the practice. 

Even today, the practice is largely kept under wraps but is quietly growing in popularity. This is not in the least because of the influence of celebrities like Kim KardashianKourtney KardashianAlicia Silverstone and January Jones reportedly eating their placentas.


Umbilical Cord Keepsake

Service Area

I service the Perth Metropolitan . For a full list of hospitals refer to the Perth Hospital Policies page.

What's included in my Placenta Encapsulation Package?

Each placenta encapsulation package includes placenta capsules, an umbilical cord keepsake and an (optional) keepsake placenta print as well as your Mother's Broth.  

Also included is a lifetime of support, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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What do others have to say!

It's hard to gauge as I haven't had this experience before, so I don't know what it's like to recover. But I do know that I am doing well, feeling like I could start doing small jogs every other day. Baby is doing well and breastfeeding is a breeze so I can put that down to half me and half placenta I guess. Thank you for making this whole experience pleasant and normal. For me it was a weird decision to go ahead with, but you made the whole process feel normal and natural.
First time mother Katie, Mandurah, WA.


Having my placenta encapsulated gave me a feeling of energy and overall wellbeing and I would encapsulate my placenta again if I had another baby.
Anita, Mandurah, WA

How many capsules will I receive?

Every placenta is different, because is depends on the weight of the placenta. Typically the placenta is about 15% of the baby's weight. So the larger the baby, the bigger the placenta and the more capsules. 

Another variable is the capsule size. Size 2 is the smallest size and if these are selected you will receive more capsules than the size 0.

Commonly a placenta will yield from  100 – 400 capsules (which is approximately a 2-3 month supply).

When is the placenta prepared?

Ideally, the placenta preparation takes place as soon as possible after delivery, within the first 48 hours, allowing you and baby to benefit from the most potency the placenta has to offer. The first two weeks are the most important and effective time to be taking the placenta, so the sooner the better.

Directly after the birth, the placenta should be placed in an enclosed container (check the Perth Hospital Policy page to see if your intended place of birth will put it in a plastic container (or just double bag it), or if you need to bring your own, and whether you will need to take an esky with you).

It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. If you know ahead of time that it will not be prepared within that time frame, it is best to place straight into the freezer.

More often than not I am available to start the process within the first 24 hours. but please note that some hospitals will hold the placenta for 24 hours after birth before releasing it.

How do I ask the hospital to release my placenta?

Most hospitals will release the placenta with no issues. You need to ensure that everyone is aware of you plans to take your placenta home with you.

This will include telling your caregiver in advance, as well as detailing it in your birth wishes/birth plan. You may be asked to sign a Release form. If you are told it is not within hospital policy to do so, ask to see a written copy of the policy!

What if I am vegetarian?

That is fine – I am a vegetarian too – and I only use vegecaps (suitable for vegan/vegetarians).

What are my Qualifications?

I trained with Placenta Benefits(PBI), I also hold a current Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) Certificate as well as Food Safety. This ensures that I conform to local Health Department Guidelines for food preparation and safety protocols.

This allows me to be a Verified Member of Placenta Services Australia a national directory of Placenta Encapsulators. A Verified Member is one that you can trust has up to date qualifications and up to date with the latest safety and sterilisation techniques.

The preparation process is always done in a sterile environment, using sterile equipment specially designed for encapsulation, with love and patience.

Do you pick up my placenta and personally deliver the capsules back to me?

Yes, that is possible - depending on the placenta encapsulation package you select. Some providers will only collect the placenta and return them via post - however I am always available to deliver yours to you, to ensure that you receive them.

You can save money by organising to drop the placenta to me, or you can book full service with personalised collection, so you don't need to worry after your baby is born.

Please Contact Me with questions about this.

Which Perth Hospitals do you cover?

The hospitals that I regularly service include, Rockingham Hospital, Peel Hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Bentley Hospital, St John Of God (Murdoch, Subiaco and Mt Lawley) and Armadale Hospital. If you would like to request encapsulation for a different hospital please Contact Me for a quote.

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Please note if you are having a homebirth please contact me for a price.

If you live more than 20 km from your intended place of birth, please contact me first for a quote as the price may vary.

What about Placenta Prints?

Placenta Prints are created by the pressing of Artists Quality Paper to the cleaned placenta. These can be enhanced using pencil, watercolour pencil or paint. These are suitable for framing and are a lifelong reminder of the organ that sustained your baby through pregnancy.

Placenta Prints are available upon request. Please mention this when enquiring.

Umbilical Cord Keepsakes?

You always have the option of keeping your Umbilical Cord as a Cord Keepsake. It's a beautiful reminder that you can safely store indefinitely.

I always return any cord clamps too. These are a lovely keepsake and reminder of your baby's birth.

Refund Policy

If you choose to cancel after booking or your placenta is sent to pathology (before any placenta collection/preparation has begun) a 50% booking fee will be retained.

This is because I am a trained professional and this is my business (not just a hobby), and like other service businesses it is unlikely that I can fill your booking at a late stage.

I may have turned other enquiries away already, I may have incurred travel or other costs, and I have ongoing costs of maintaining my business such as website, maintaining current certifications, business registration and so on.

After placenta processing has begun, there is no refund payable for change of mind.


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