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5 Reasons A Mumma Who Is Facing Medical Induction Needs A Doula

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News & Notes from Kelly Evans (The Modern Doula) on pregnancy and giving birth in Perth, Western Australia.

5 Reasons A Mumma Who Is Facing Medical Induction Needs A Doula

Kelly Evans

Even when you think its too late to get doula support it really isn't.

Just like you - I have been there. I remember vividly being told that my baby needed to be born early. Which absolutely did not fit with the notion in my head that I was still 3 weeks away from 40 weeks (as you can guess mentally I wasn't ready).

I also remember feeling so confused and scared when they said it was an emergency induction and my baby needed to be born now... but then the hospital got busy and I was told I would have to wait until tomorrow. Like what the actual? I needed someone to explain why, but the staff were all quite busy. In fact I waited an hour for someone to enter my room to tell me what was going on, to reassure to me, to tell me where I could get a drink of water.. but noone.

I remember expecting that because I would be in hospital from the start that a midwife would be with me the whole time... I also recall spending hours in a hospital room with no midwife to reassure me, because they busy with emergencies. Every now and then someone would come in briefly to check me and that was it. This did nothing to allay my fears about my baby in between.

It was far from the emotional support that I craved, and the information support that I needed. Nevermind the physical support when contractions hit.

I felt like I should be Googling everything about being induced, but to be honest when I hit Google in between contractions there was so much information I was overwhelmed. Plus baby brain (which starts in labour) made my brain all fuzzy. I just wanted someone to distill all that information for me.

Enter the doula. I have to admit I hadn't heard much about doulas 7 years ago when my baby was born. Doulas are like a tour guide/concierge for birth. They have been there before, they know the landmarks and the destination, the pitfalls to avoid and what to pack. 

So here they are my Top 5 Reasons An Induced Labour Needs A Doulas Support, More Than A Spontaneous Labour

• Induced labours tend to last longer than spontaneous ones. Unless the baby has released the hormones that trigger the start of labour, it often takes more time to get from labour to birth.

• Medical Induction tends to include the use of synthetic oxytocin (Syntocinon) to stimulate contractions. These are often more painful than normal contractions. You need a toolkit of comfort measures to cope with this, you also need to know about the natural induction methods you can try first.

• Syntocinon contractions are more likely to require the use of pain relief, so you need to know your pain relief options and which you would prefer in labour (before your induction begins).

• Induced labours are more likely to require lots of decision making. A doula can give you a framework for ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’ when it comes to information overload.

• Longer labours can lead to tired parents, a doula can show you Spinning Babies techniques to help your baby to 'Spin' it's way out.

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