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Maternity Services Must Be Midwife Led

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News & Notes from Kelly Evans (The Modern Doula) on pregnancy and giving birth in Perth, Western Australia.

Maternity Services Must Be Midwife Led

Kelly Evans

Well that’s what I thought I read when I saw the title of this article:

Sadly I was mistaken. :(

‘The AMA has made a submission to the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing on the proposed new National Maternity Services Strategy.’ that maternity care should be obstetric-led… and the article goes on to say that Current evidence supports that this model of care..

Show me the evidence please (because I haven’t been able to find it and strangely it is missing from the article)?

Instead let me show you some evidence…

Research shows that Midwifery-led Continuity Of Care is the Gold Standard


The main benefits of this study were that women who received Midwife-led Continuity Of Care were less likely to have an epidural. In addition, fewer women had episiotomies or instrumental births. Women’s chances of a spontaneous vaginal birth were also increased and there was no difference in the number of caesarean births. Women were less likely to experience preterm birth, and they were also at a lower risk of losing their babies. In addition, women were more likely to be cared for in labour by midwives they already knew. The review identified no adverse effects compared with other models.

Midwifery led care is saving lives!

In contrast the United States Maternity System is Obstetric-led and their statistics speak for themselves.

According to Birth Monopoly:

  • At least 98% of U.S births happen in hospitals, over 90% with physicians rather than midwives

  • (They) have the most expensive, worst performing maternity care system in the developed world

  • Birthing people are regularly subject to traumatic, dehumanizing care and rights violations

  • A state-enforced hospital monopoly severely restricts our ability to opt out of this system

I don’t want you to think that I am ungrateful for the presence of Obstetricians in our system, of course we need Obstetric care for high-risk and emergency births - that is their specialty (and in other countries that is exactly what they do). What I am suggesting is that for normal birth - this is best left in the hands of trained, experienced, registered midwives.

Midwives have a worldview that labour and birth is normal and a woman’s body is capable of giving birth most of the time.

Obstetricians have a worldview that labour and birth is risky and must be micro-managed.

According to the Submission: “Obstetrician-led or GP obstetrician-led care means that, at a minimum, there will be initial assessment by either an obstetrician or GP obstetrician, and assessment and regular review during labour.”

Um just why??? The mother has the right to make any and all choices about her labour, her birth, her body (that is straight out of the AMA’s Own Position Statement).

I have been witness to mothers who went into labour and gave birth without a single Vaginal Exam from an Obstetrician - all under the guidance of an experience and trained Midwife.

Birth happens,

If you want to make a difference click below and sign the petition to protest this nonsense: