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News & Notes from Kelly Evans (The Modern Doula) on pregnancy and giving birth in Perth, Western Australia.

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My Biggest Postpartum Secret (It's So Unsexy ;)

Kelly Evans

AssetsYou see it everywhere in the media. Celebrities barely 12 weeks postpartum with no signs of a post-baby belly. I knew the saying '9 and a half months to gain it, 9 and a half months to lose it' so I was not worried about becoming fit immediately after birth. I was also breastfeeding, and although everyone says this helps you lose baby weight that wasn't particularly true for me.

How would you like your postpartum M'am?

After the birth of my first baby I was a little bruised, had a few stitches and was exhausted in many ways, but I was physically OK. I went into my second birth with expectations of much the same postpartum. Boy was I wrong! Every birth and every baby are different.

Second time round I had a longer pregnancy, coupled with a precipitate delivery and a slightly larger baby. Who knows what it was exactly, but I noticed very quickly that when I got up to walk after giving birth, I felt like my ovaries were falling out!! It was painful (not just uncomfortable), and at first I thought I was overdoing it, until I spent all day doing nothing and was still sore when I walked.

Belly bound!

I used a Newborn Mothers Belly Band to gain initial relief and wore it 24/7. I had this idea that with patience and time and doing my Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels) that my body would somehow feel better. I put it out of my mind in the short term. This was a really comfortable way to do day to day activities, especially having to pick up and care for my baby. I dismissed how supportive my Belly Band was until I thought I'd go without it one day and within a few hours I put it back on.

Enter The Shapewear

The Belly Band was ideal until the time came when I wanted to do some serious exercise, and then I was back to square one as even a gentle jog was more than uncomfortable. It was about this time I discovered Spanx and I decided to try them when running.

It was just what I needed. I was able to exercise and run again. They were dead unsexy but after waiting so long to get back into exercise I didn't care. They allowed me to exercise enough to be a little fitter.

Where Can I Find Support?

Check out the Assets range in Target (designed by Sara Blakely who created Spanx) this one for example is only $15:

Where Can I Learn More About Pelvic Floor Alignment?

Lisa Gillespie has a free course: 5 Days Of Pelvic Alignment which you can find here:

Questions, comments, want to share your unsexy postpartum secret? Get in touch!

C is for Caesarean Birth

Kelly Evans

Perth is Australia's Caesarean Birth capital

According to The West today.

Not that there's anything wrong with that - if it's your informed choice - or it's medically necessarily.

The fact that the Western Australian Health Department has released WA Hospital Caesarean rates is to be commended. It's the first step into transparency around what you can expect at particular hospitals. However,

'The World Health Organization recommends that the caesarean section rate should not be higher than 10% to 15%'

(source World Health Organization. Appropriate technology for birth. Lancet 1985; 2: 436-7)

So the question remains, why are all these women giving birth this way. Are they all making informed choices?

rowan.simpson  Free Photos

 Research has found that there are risks of caesarean birth. According to the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services,

Risks of caesarean birth include:

  • Accidental surgical cuts to internal organs
  • Major infection
  • Emergency hysterectomy (because of uncontrollable bleeding)
  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Deep venous clots that can travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolism) and brain (stroke)Admission to intensive care

Potential Harms to Maternal Attachment and Breastfeeding

  • Women who have unplanned caesareans are more likely to have difficulties forming an attachment to their babies
  • Women who have caesareans are less likely to have their infants with them skin-to-skin (cradled naked against their bare chest) after the delivery. Babies who have skin-to-skin contact interact more with their mothers, stay warmer, and cry less. When skin-to-skin, babies are more likely to be breastfed early and well, and to be breastfed for longer. They may also be more likely to have a good early relationship with their mothers, but the evidence for this is not as strong.
  • Women are less likely to breastfeed.

So if you are planning a pregnancy, or you are pregnant -  educate yourself as best as you can about your care providers (including hospitals).

A good doula should be able to provide you with evidence-based information on your local options so that you can make truly informed decisions. They should also be able to prepare you and your partner for what happens when a Caesarean Birth is necessary - so that you feel fully prepared.

Working with a doula, you can tailor your birth plan, so that if a caesarean birth is necessary - you can still achieve some of your preferences such as choice of pain-relief drugs, immediate skin-to-skin with your baby, and so on. Having a doula can also help you create a home environment to promote bonding and breastfeeding post-partum.

If you have already had a caesarean birth, then you might want to consider contacting an organisation such as Birthrites, where you can meet other ladies who have had caesarean births, attend month get-togethers and give and receive support.

If you would like to discuss your pregnancy and birth choices, and whether or not a doula can help you achieve the birth of your dreams, please Contact me.