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Having a Soundbirth

Kelly Evans

I spent yesterday doing Soundbirth training with the lovely Nicole LLoyd. It was a fascinating day with a beautiful bunch of women. It was also a great reminder of the work that we do as doulas, and that in our society we have been conditioned to feel that we need permission to speak (much less sing, or tone). Some of us have been told, (some since we were children) that good kids are seen but not heard. In school you need to raise your hand and obtain permission before you speak, and so on.

So how is it that birthing Mum's are supposed to somehow have the knowledge and the confidence to make possibly the loudest noises of their life (well for some anyway) without someone there showing them the way!

This is where doulas come in! Having a Soundbirth trained doula - apart from the obvious support, information, advocacy and mediation - is having someone there in the birthing room with you - giving you full permission to get loud (and joining in so you don't feel alone or embarrassed). We can also encourage your partner to join in and get loud (if they want to).

How much easier is it to get loud in a group of loud people! Opening the throat is the key to opening your cervix (in fact they are made of the same tissue).

Contact me today if you would like to find out more about using sound at your birth.