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What to avoid when shopping for a maternity bra

Kelly Evans

How to choose a maternity bra One of the first things I noticed when I became pregnant was that my breasts were sore.

It wasn't long before I needed a new bra and as I found out there are a few things to look out for!


You will probably find that you go through a few different bra sizes before your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey is over. So aim to get a maternity bra fitted for now, but know that you will probably need another few bra size upgrades (especially once your milk supply comes in). Now is not the time to make do with an ill-fitting bra - your breasts deserve the best.


It used to be that experts advised against wearing underwired bras. Now modern technology has design flexi-wire which is much safer for pregnancy/breastfeeding as it is more flexible.

The reason that the old style of underwire was not recommended was due to wire that digs into your breast tissue could harm the later development of your breast ducts causing blockages and very painful mastitis.

You can still get great support in wireless bras (even in larger sizes) so now the choice is yours.


A few simple design flaws can ruin a comfortable bra. If you are looking at breastfeeding bras - always try out the release clips one handed. After all you will be holding a baby in the other hand.

Look for a wide band which can be more comfortable as it shouldn't dig in so much.

The more adjustable a bra is, the better it will continue to fit even as it gives with continued use and washing. There's nothing worse than a bra stretching and becoming too loose after a couple of washes.


If you find a bra you really like - buy at least 2 of them so that you can alternate and wash. This is especially important after baby arrives as it is likely milk will leak and you will need to wash your bra more frequently.


Some people skip maternity bras (which don't have opening clasps) and go straight to a breastfeeding bra. That way they will have worn in and have a comfy bra all ready to go when baby arrives and they want that all important skin on skin.

The choice is up to you.


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