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Tips For Travelling In Bali With A Toddler

Kelly Evans

2015-04-28 17.25.20 I recently went on holiday to Bali and we took our son with us (15 months). I thought I would share some tips that I found made our trip a little bit - no actually ALOT easier.

What To Buy Before You Leave Australia

I was eternally grateful for the following items that we brought from home:

  • Naty Nappies - they don't even seem to sell these in Bali so we were so glad we bought heaps with us.
  • Wotnot Wipes - no sign of these for sale either.. BYO!
  • Probiotics - we bought Bioceuticals BabyBiotics with us (wrapped in an ice pack) and this seriously saved us all from the dreaded Bali Belly (yes we all had some Babybiotics at one stage).
  • Toddler Food - we took organic fruit purees and a few other packaged toddler food items with us. These were handy for snacks and what we didn't use we declared at Customs at the Airport on the way back through and were allowed to bring home.
  • Sanitary Protection - this is something that I didn't expect to need and boy I wish I had bought some from home. No sign of organic pads anywhere that I could see and good luck in buying a Juju Cup! Seriously BYO just in case.
  • US Dollars - you will need these at the airport to buy an Entry Visa (this is not included with your airfare so don't get confused)
  • Babywearing Equipment - We took a Bali Breeze and for that I am so happy we did. I still sweated in that carrying around a 12kg toddler in the heat but I still think that it beat trying to navigate a pram up and down the many stairs and narrow paths. I also found it quite reassuring having my son close all the time I didn't need to worry about his whereabouts.

What To Buy In Bali

  • Bottled water - buy a heap when you first get there. You are going to need it for rehydrating all the time as well as brushing teeth and many other uses you haven't even thought of yet. Don't trust tap water - ever. Just take bottles of water everywhere.
  • Clothes - the clothes over there are super affordable and designed for the local climate, so be sure to bring an empty suitcase and buy some locally made clothes. Even the coolest clothes I had brought with me from home did not compare to the cool local clothing.
  • A Massage - I had a totally amazing massage for about $15. Highly recommended.
  • Shoes - you can get some cheap shoes in Bali but beware the ultra-cheap runners - I have heard stories of them lasting one wear before starting to fall apart.

Have you travelled to Bali? Do you have any tips to share? I absolutely loved my time with the Balinese. It's a different lifestyle and such a different culture. Well worth a visit if you haven't been there.