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Post-weaning energy slump!

Kelly Evans

The Modern Doula Post-weaning energy slump (not postpartum depression)

The post-weaning energy slump is how I describe feeling at the moment… I’m not the same me I have been for the past 2 and half years. My daughter recently weaned from me, due to reasons beyond my control and it's affecting me. I don’t have as much energy as usual, I am getting the odd headache, and huge muscle aches, and I just feel plain weird (I won't even go into how confused my breasts are)!

Yet when I Google 'weaning' all I seem to come across is articles linking weaning and post-partum depression. Thankfully I am not sad or depressed. But I am definitely feeling a dip in hormones making me not as sparkly as usual.

Google provided little relief so I decided to create my own prescription to feeling me again. I figure that part of the issue is the drop in Prolactin and oxytocin (breastfeeding hormones) post-weaning. Not much I can do about the Prolactin (short of having another child), so I have decided to work on upping my own oxytocin levels!

Having read numerous texts on oxytocin as well as attending Ancient postpartum tools and techniques for birth workers, I have decided on the following to help me ease myself out of weaning:

a) getting a massage (this is guaranteed to up the oxytocin levels)

b) getting together with some other Mums for some fun (getting a group together is another key)

c) taking some magnesium supplements (and taking it easy on myself while my muscles are still stiff and sore)

d) eating some chocolate! (just in case I need some extra magnesium - or so I tell myself lol).

I would love to hear from you - what have you done to ease the post-weaning energy slump>? Feel free to leave a comment on here or on Facebook!