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The A-Z of Demystifying Birth and Early Parenting

Kelly Evans

Debunking fears and demystifying birth in Perth WA
Debunking fears and demystifying birth in Perth WA

Hi and welcome to my blog :)

Part of the fear that surrounds childbirth and early parenting is around the unknown.

When a women is pregnant both she and her partner are suddenly introduced to a new world of jargon, medical terminology and symbolism that she most likely has never heard of before.

As a DONA-trained doula - it is my role to provide evidence-based information so that parents and parents-to-be can make informed decisions.

Hence my A-Z of Demystifying birth and early parenting which starts next week. If you would like to read more, click on the Follow button below right to be notified of future blog posts!

If you have any special terms you would like demystified please contact me kelly (at) the

xx Kelly