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Motherhood Keepsakes F.A.Q.'s

Motherhood Keepsakes F.A.Q.'s


What can be included in Keepsake Jewellery?

DNA Keepsake jewellery by The Modern Doula is created using a combination of your own precious breastmilk and/or other inclusions and high-quality, jewellery-grade resin. You can include a combination of placenta powder, umbilical cord, hair or ashes.

How is Breastmilk used in Jewellery?

Your milk goes through a preservation process, before being combined with resin and any other inclusions using a specially-designed technique.

Your breastmilk jewellery will then be finished and polished to create a hand-crafted, unique item which will reflect your unique colour selections and individual properties of your breastmilk.

How do I prepare my inclusions to send to you?

Once you have placed your order I will email you with comprehensive instructions on how to send your breastmilk or inclusions to me.

How much breastmilk is required?

The breastmilk preservation process ideally requires a minimum 5ml of your fresh or frozen breastmilk per item (if you don't have 5ml I will use whatever you provide to make your keepsake). I recommend that you choose a postage option that allows you milk to arrive as soon as possible (you are welcome to deliver to my letterbox if you prefer). You don’t need to worry about it staying cold in the post.

Will my Keepsake look exactly like the image?

Each DNA Keepsake is individually handcrafted rather than factory manufactured, so you will that each piece is unique. Although I will ask you to specify preferences for colours and tints, there may still be some variation

There can be some natural variation including tiny milk bubbles or marbling which adds to the uniqueness and charm of your chosen item.

I would recommend that your Keepsake Jewellery is worn as occasional rather than everyday jewellery, to ensure its longevity. Resin jewellery can discolour over long periods of time - particularly if it exposed to water or chemicals regularly, so be sure to remove it before washing.

What happens once my inclusions are received?

I will email you you once your milk/hair/placenta/umbilical cord has been received, and your order will be completed and dispatched within 3-4 weeks of this date unless otherwise agreed (depending on availability,

What Postage options are available?

Your jewellery will be carefully packaged and will be sent to you by Australia Post with tracking.

Registered Post is included in purchase however if you wish to upgrade to Express Post, you can do so for an additional $5 here:

I hope this information is useful - if you have any unanswered questions please contact me.

I hope you enjoy looking through the lookbook and choosing your unique piece of jewellery.