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Becoming Us Private Sessions


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Becoming Us Private Sessions


Becoming Us Private Sessions


You’ve seen it happen to your friends, and you don’t want it to happen to you.

The Change that happens to your relationship after the birth of your baby seems inevitable but is it?

What if there was a way to prepare yourself (and your partner) for the time after the birth of your baby?

Private Becoming Us Sessions are held in the comfort of your home in 2 x 2 hour sessions either Before Baby or With Baby.

If you haven’t already - I recommend you begin by accessing my free Babyproof Your Relationship Toolkit:

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These sessions are available for either Expectant Parents (BeforeBaby) and Experienced Parents (With Baby). The classes are based on the book, Becoming Us, by Author and Parenting Pioneer, Elly Taylor.

Becoming a parent is a major life transition and 92% of couples report increased conflict in their relationship following the birth of their baby.

These sessions show you how to identify the underlying causes of conflict, and help prevent it from happening in the first place.

The challenges that happen when you move from couple to family are common and normal.

Lets work together, so that instead of growing apart, you can grow closer together.