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Round Keepsake Teardrop Pendulum


Shop for handcrafted DNA keepsakes in Perth, Western Australia.

Now stocking placenta beads, breastmilk beads, first curl beads, and ashes beads. Also available are pendants, pendulums, tree of life and more…

Round Keepsake Teardrop Pendulum


Round Keepsake Teardrop Pendulum


This is a handmade teardrop-shaped keepsake of your breastmilk, baby's hair or placenta or baby tooth (or a combination).

Your choice of fleck colours (you will be sent instructions on how to select colours based on your inclusion selection - after checkout).

Standard Postage (registered with Australia Post) is included. If you prefer Express Post this can be added here for an additional fee:

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Care Instructions:

Water - Do not submerge your DNA keepsakes in water. Resin is NOT water proof, only water resistant. Exposure to water can lead to keepsakes yellowing and becoming brittle.

Chemicals - Avoid exposing DNA keepsakes to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. Always remove your jewellery before doing dishes, immersing in water.