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If you are looking for birth support, or Perth area placenta encapsulation in the Perth, Peel and Hills regions I can help. Kelly Evans - The Modern Doula 

The Howling Wolf DNA Keepsake


Shop for handcrafted DNA keepsakes in Perth, Western Australia.

Now stocking placenta beads, breastmilk beads, first curl beads, and ashes beads. Also available are pendants, pendulums, tree of life and more…

The Howling Wolf DNA Keepsake


The Howling Wolf DNA Keepsake


Enter the Howling Wolf DNA Keepsake. A beautiful way to remember someone very special.

A handy pocket size, that is also free standing.

Every keepsake is handcrafted with your unique DNA. Pictured is breastmilk and ashes. Can also include placenta powder or hair (or a combination).

You will be given instructions on how to send your DNA inclusions to me upon checkout.

Standard Postage (registered with Australia Post) is included. If you prefer Express Post this can be added here for an additional fee:

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